About the band

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a Dutch rockcoverband, situated in the city of Heemskerk, near Amsterdam.hollvlag

It is considered one of the best rockcoverbands in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), according to the jury of the Clash of the Coverbands, the biggest competition for coverbands in the Benelux!
Founded in 2004 two guys met at an audition for a bluesband: Rob Spijker (drummer) and Jaap Schipper found out they had a perfect match and started the band with a friend, Jeremy Mook, who played the guitar. The band was completed when a singer (Fons Duin) and another guitar player (Paul Versteegh) joined in.Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - the beginning
While playing a lot of Rory Gallaghers covers, the name of the band was easily found: a song called Shadowplay had the tekst A little Dr. Jekyll. a little mr. Hyde. From that day on the name of the band was Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.
In those days the band said goodbye to Paul Versteegh and welcomed Harm Fluijt on keyboards. While playing more and more Gallagher-songs, the band met a lot of bands from Holland and abroad. They started to play on Gallagher-tributes, for example in Leeuwarden and in Cork, Ireland and recorded a few songs in a studio in Haarlem. 
At the end of 2005 Fons Duin decided to leave the band. Marcel Korver joined in and gradually the band shifts the focus to rock- and bluescovers.
This led eventually to the departure of Rob and Jeremy. With the advent of Okke Hoek on drums, and Rene Pannekeet en Peter Teljeur (gitaar) a new Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde was born, and ready to rock.
In this setting every gig is a party. The greater the surprise when we heard that Rene had to leave the band  because of earproblems. No way we played too loud!
A successor was found and his name was Fred Ruiter. A guy with a lot of energy who liked to perform a lot. That’s why he registerred us for a big competition for coverbands, the Clash of the Coverbands. A big adventure started in which the band plays on big stages, trying to survive the preliminaries, together with 1500 other bands! One year later the band is qualified for the Big Final!
 In 2013 Fred en Peter decided to leave the band. Rene (yes, that one) and Ralf van der Berg are their successors.

But Ralf also decided to leave after playing 2 years with the band and Floris Gooijer takes his place. And now we try to stay steady in this setting!